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SEO Web Design Gets Top Organic SERP

For Our Car Dealer Customers

placeholder pic for Nick SharpeNicks Auto Web (a division of Nicks Web Works  – NWW) has been the premier web design company for auto dealers and car buyers. The web design techniques developed since 2009 have vaulted NWW seo web design auto dealer customers to the top of local organic SERP, with the resultant increase in traffic and revenue.
Some have even gained nationwide top organic SERP like Dennis Buys Cars in the cash for classic cars niche.

But the best story is how NicksWebWorks started at the end of 2009 with DennisBuysCars as our first seo web design customer. To get Dennis to the top of organic SERP required competitive research. Emulating the techniques of those at the top of SERP got DBC, Gosslercashforcars, Easycashforcars, Chequered Flag and others dominating the “cash for cars” and related pages, leaping over the established big dealer websites. Now those big dealer websites are NAW customers. (What do they know that you don’t?)

What Is SERP?

This is an acronym that is known by the successful businessman on the 21st century. There isn’t a market niche in the world that doesn’t get found in web search engines like Google, Yahoo and bing. But you knew that!

Just to review (because I use this term a lot) SERP is Search Engine Results Placement, or where your business website appears in organic (not paid) search results.

And where you are in local organic SERP really affects your bottom line.

Every point of our web design technique is to get top organic SERP. From the page code (html) to the content writing, the layout to the eye candy (images) and how it is all put together (info architecture). The results of that painstaking attention to detail is what has built Nick’s Auto Web reputation in the industry.

SEO Web Design For Car Dealers

Your competition seeks us out because they see NWW websites at the top of search for very competitive keywords. They then scroll to the bottom of the website to see the nickswebworks credit and link. That’s one way we get business. Also the benefit of having the NicksWebWorks link on your webpage gives you an “authority” link that Google rewards.

Contact us today to get a free web design consultation. You competition already has, so every minute you wait is a business opportunity lost.

Personal Professional Service

When you contact Nicks Auto Web, you will speak directly with me, Nick Sharpe. I do not outsource anything, including front office. My apologies if you have to leave a message, because I’m  probably in deep code (as you can imagine!) NAW is a boutique web design studio catering to the local auto dealer market wherever you are located. You will not speak to a sales rep or a tech, but the guy at the top.

Like the man said, “anybody can make a website, but only the guy at the top can get you there”.

Call now.

See you at the top!